Fintan O’Toole: Biden can make America great again only by making it green

Donald Trump boasted of not having started a war. But he did: a war on nature

Joe Biden. Photograph: Doug Mill/New York Times

Joe Biden. Photograph: Doug Mill/New York Times

Trump declared open season for pollution, carbon emissions, the ruination of wilderness preserves and the killing of endangered species

There is one respect in which Donald Trump’s administration was not chaotic but efficient, organised and relentless. The former US president and his backers were very serious about climate change and the environment. Denying the first and destroying the second were the closest Trump came to a coherent programme for government.

This was not just about negative acts such as pulling the United States out of the Paris climate accords, or refusing to face up to the transformations necessary for human survival. It was a systematic undoing of the progress that had been made over the previous decades.

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