Fintan O’Toole: Anti-abortion ‘zygopaths’ make a mockery of equality

It is wrong to equate a woman to a group of cells at the moment of conception

Bad weather and bus strikes didn't deter thousands turning out for the fifth annual March for Choice rally in Dublin.

We need a new word for the Eighth Amendment to the Constitution. It is zygopathic. It implies an outrageous equation: woman equals zygote. From the moment two haploid gametes fuse to form a single diploid cell, that cell has the same moral worth as Marie Curie or St Teresa of Calcutta or Taylor Swift or your granny, your mother, your sister, your lover, your best friend. So long as a cell equals a woman, a woman will never equal to a man.

If we had a clause in the Constitution that equated Enda Kenny or Denis O’Brien or Michael O’Leary or James Joyce or Daniel O’Donnell to a zygote, we wouldn’t be setting up a consultative assembly to ponder its possible repeal. We would long since have built a giant ray gun to zap it off the face of the Earth.

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