Defending right to shine light on Trump

An imperfect press is not the opposition and those in the firing line in the US should resist that categorisation

In some respects, these are dark days for heritage media organisations and some equally forthright digital news outlets as the crusade by US president Donald Trump to curtail robust journalism intensifies. The exclusion of CNN, the New York Times, Politico, the BBC, the Los Angeles Times, the Guardian and BuzzFeed from a White House briefing is the latest crude attempt to curtail US media organisations and others with a global reach, which have challenged his chaotic form of government and the pedalling of untruths in response to facts the administration does not like.

On the same day that White House press secretary Sean Spicer handpicked a select group of reporters that included a number of conservative outlets friendly to Trump for an informal briefing, the president resumed his attack on “fakers” when he told the Conservative Political Action Conference: “I want you all to know that we are fighting the fake news . . . They have no sources. They just make them up when there are none”.

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