Brexit: Emerging realisation in UK that Ireland has legitimate grievances and concerns

London’s ignorance of Ireland’s past waning as parity of understanding evolves

Owen Paterson followed Jacob Rees-Moog by invoking the name of an Irish nationalist politician during the protracted Brexit debates in the House of Commons. Video: UK Parliament

The historic illiteracy of Anglo-Irish relations that pervades the United Kingdom’s political class is no secret. Just this week Conservative MP Owen Paterson, a member of the hardline Eurosceptic European Research Group, name-checked Irish revolutionary Michael Collins in the House of Commons, trying to win support from fellow MPs for Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal.

Paterson quoted Collins: “Now, as one of the signatories of the document, I naturally recommend its acceptance. Equally I do not recommend it for less than it is. In my opinion it gives us freedom, not the ultimate freedom that all nations desire and develop to, but the freedom to achieve it.”

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