Suzanne Lynch's US Election Diary: Trump picks fight with Fauci as he returns to campaign trail

Confirmation hearing for supreme court nominee Amy Coney Barrett to begin in US Senate this afternoon

Despite not disclosing if he has tested negative for Covid-19 US president Donald Trump held his first campaign-rally style event since his Covid-19 diagnosis. Video: The White House

With election day just over three weeks away, US president Donald Trump returns to the campaign trail later today when he holds a rally near Orlando, Florida. Technically it’s his first rally since leaving hospital a week ago, though the event he hosted on Saturday on the South Lawn of the White House had all the trappings of a campaign rally.

The president returned to the balcony of the White House for a reprise of last Monday’s grand return from hospital. This time he addressed hundreds of red-hatted supporters who cheered “Four More Years” and “We Love You” as Trump denigrated Democrats and called for law and order.

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