Suzanne Lynch’s US Election Diary: Trump campaigns relentlessly in bid to close polling gap

Obama, Bon Jovi and Cher add some razzmatazz to the Biden campaign

US president Donald Trump has embarked on a whistle-stop tour across key battleground states. In Wisconsin he insisted America’s high coronavirus case numbers was because “we test more than any country in the world.” Video: Reuters

With just eight days to go until election day, President Trump has embarked on a relentless campaign schedule as he tries to close the polling gap with his Democratic opponent Joe Biden.

The 74 year-old president, not long out of his hospital bed after contracting coronavirus, visited no less than six states at the weekend, even managing to deliver his signature dance moves to YMCA as his rallies came to a close, delighting his legions of cheering fans. He finished the weekend with a Halloween event in the White House last night where he smiled and waved at dozens of costumed kids, including two who had dressed up as Donald and Melania.

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