Brexit: Currys/PC World Irish customers asked to pay import taxes in error

Retailer apologises and says those mistakenly asked to pay duties will be refunded

Some customers said they have yet to receive products bought weeks ago. Photograph: iStock

Some customers said they have yet to receive products bought weeks ago. Photograph: iStock


Irish customers of Currys/PC World have been asking where in the world their products are and why they have to pay import taxes and charges on things bought from a retailer with a significant Irish footpri nt.

The shop has become the latest to be snared in a web of Brexit-related delays and confusion as people who shopped on its Irish-hosted website have been told more taxes and charges are now owed because the goods have come from the UK.

Others said they have yet to receive products bought weeks ago while still more have expressed frustration at the absence of communication from the retailer as to what is going on.

With homeschooling back on the table Kevin Prendergast bought his daughter a laptop from the Curry’s/PC World website on January 9th.

“We got an email to say to expect it on January 15th,” he said but on that day a message arrived to say the laptop was leaving the UK. Then he received another message apologising for the delay and promising delivery on January 22nd.

Adam Greaney bought a MacBook from the the website on January 5th. It was dispatched on January 7th but then caught up in Brexit-related delivery delays and he has yet to receive it.

Liam Preston bought a laptop from on New Year’s Day and was “not aware it was coming from a warehouse in the UK”.

Not only did that delay the delivery he also had to pay €200.31 in custom duties to DPD before they would deliver the laptop. He complained that the website did not inform consumers they may be liable for customs and import duties on products sourced from the UK.

Paul McGaley ordered a vacuum cleaner for delivery from Currys on on January 2nd and paid Irish VAT and said at no point was he told the product was being shipped from the UK. His delivery was being held by DPD pending customs charges including more VAT.

“I couldn’t get through to a person on Curry’s phone support, tried twitter, got a “please send us more details” reply and then nothing further.”

A spokeswoman for the retailer said that as a result of “a technical error, a small number of our customers in the Republic of Ireland have mistakenly been asked to pay import duty on their orders. We are contacting all affected customers to refund them any costs they may have incurred. We apologise wholeheartedly for the inconvenience.”

Addressing the delays she said that its delivery partner, DPD, had “paused all deliveries from the UK to ROI due to disruptions caused by Brexit. Unfortunately, this means our deliveries to ROI will be delayed. We have contacted all affected customers, and DPD has assured us they will receive their orders by 22nd January. We are grateful for our customers’ patience as we continue to work closely with DPD.”

Last week Brexit-related teething problems were blamed for dozens of Arnotts shoppers being hit with additional taxes and charges after buying shoes on the Dublin-based department store’s website since the start of the year. The company apologised and said impacted customers would be re-imbursed.