Woodward slams pre-match Murrayfield antics


Sir Clive Woodward was less than impressed by the pre-match razzamatazz ahead of their Calcutta Cup victory over Scotland at Murrayfield yesterday.

The England coach accused Scottich officials of turning the Six Nations clash into a "pop concert". 

"We've got to be careful. It's a sporting event, not a pop concert," said Woodward after his side's 35-13 win. "The two teams should run out together like they did at the World Cup, have two anthems and kick-off."

What took place instead was a festival atmosphere with drummers and pipers taking to the field amid visual displays more akin to a music concert.
"We weren't quite expecting all that, but it didn't cost us the Test match," added Wosdward.  "But it's getting a bit over the top, the start of some of these international matches.

"The World Cup was great: there was no mucking around in the tunnel and we just got on with it. We are here to watch a game of rugby not sing songs."