Woman settles case with Ryanair


A passenger, who fell down steps while exiting a Ryanair plane at Dublin Airport, settled her €38,000 damages claim against the airline today.

Barrister Michelle Flynn told the Circuit Civil Court that the claim, settled for an undisclosed sum, could be struck out with an order for costs against Ryanair.

Malgorzata Jeneralczyk (57) from Poznan, Poland, claimed she had been disembarking from a Ryanair plane at Dublin when she slipped and fell on a steep, wet and slippery mobile stairs.

She had been holding a rail with one hand and carrying her hand luggage in the other when she fell. Air crew had assisted her, and she had been given first aid by an airport paramedic team.

Ms Jeneralczyk alleged she had been knocked unconscious for a period, lacerating her left eyebrow and suffering bruises to her left shoulder, knee, ribs and her right hand and fingers.

Ryanair, whose corporate head office is at Dublin Airport, had entered a full defence to the claim.

Ms Flynn said the case had been settled following negotiations and could be struck out with an order for taxation of Ms Jeneralczyk’s legal costs.