Voices In The House


Has the Taoiseach been able to find out how much the fund-raiser that he attended for Fianna Fail during his trip netted? Would he confirm that it was somewhere in the region of $40,000? - The Fine Gael leader, Mr John Bruton, on Mr Ahern's visit to America last December

Unfortunately, it was not $40,000. My party would be happy if it was. The net amount has not yet been established, but it will not be anything near that. As I said before, I spent under an hour at the particular function. - Mr Ahern

Did you give them value? - Mr Bruton

I gave them very good value. It was a 7.15 a.m. breakfast. - Mr Ahern

What did you have for breakfast? - Mr Bruton

As usual, nothing. - Mr Ahern