US tech firms operating in Ireland


With the announcement of PayPal creating 1,000 extra jobs in its Irish operation we look at some of the other leading US tech firms with operations in the country.


Who are they: Online payment website

Where based: Dublin & Dundalk

Numbers Employed: 1,500 with another 1,000 jobs announced today

When Opened in Ireland: 2003


Who are they: Internet search engine giant

Where based: Dublin

Numbers Employed: Over 2,000

When Opened in Ireland: First opened in 2003


Who are they: World’s leading social network

Where based: Dublin

Numbers Employed: 350

When Opened in Ireland: 2008


Who are they: Computer software company

Where based: Dublin

Numbers Employed: 1,200

When Opened in Ireland: 1985


Who are they: Semiconductor chip maker

Where based: Leixlip and Shannon

Numbers Employed: 4,000

When Opened in Ireland: 1989


Who are they: Microblogging site

Where based: Dublin

Numbers Employed: Less than 10

When Opened in Ireland: 2011


Who are they: Computer hardware and software

Where based: Leixlip and Galway

Numbers Employed: 4,500

When Opened in Ireland: 1990s

Activision Blizzard:

Who are they: Gaming Company

Where based: Cork

Numbers Employed: 600

When Opened in Ireland: 2007