Union says sick pay deal 'unlikely'


The country’s largest public service union, Impact, has warned that agreement on changing sick pay arrangements for thousands of public service workers is unlikely.

Addressing the union’s conference in Killarney today, Impact general secretary Shay Cody said Government plans to reform sick leave arrangements were likely to go to the Labour Court.

The Government is seeking effectively to reduce sick leave arrangements for public service workers by half.

Mr Cody said the Government has indicated that it wants to legislate for sick leave arrangements in the autumn. He said the “absolute priority” of the union was to retain the existing the arrangement of six months full pay and six months half pay for staff who develop serious illnesses.

He suggested that uncertified sick days should be measured over a two-year period rather than over a year.

The conference also backed proposals that Impact should prepare for negotiating a successor to the Croke Park agreement which expires in 2014.

Delegates also warned the Government against any cuts in allowances or increments paid to public service staff.