Two bombs kill seven and wound 50 in Karachi


Two bombs exploded within minutes of each other in a western neighbourhood of Karachi today, killing at least seven people and wounding more than 50, police and witnesses said.

The bombs were attached to two motorcycles parked outside a roadside restaurant next door to a police station and a religious school, police said.

A bomb disposal squad defused a third bomb moments before it was to explode, Karachi Police Chief Tariq Jameel said.

"First there was a small explosion, which was followed by a bigger blast," he told Reuters.

Doctors and police said seven people were killed and more than 50 injured were taken to at least three state-run hospitals.

Most victims were students of an Islamic school, who frequented this restaurant.

Karachi, a teeming city of more than 14 million people, has been rocked by a spate of attacks since Pakistan joined the US-led war on terrorism in 2001. Police blame Islamic extremists and al Qaeda-linked militants for most attacks.

Yesterday, an explosion killed two people and wounded three others.

Police and paramilitary rangers threw a cordon around the site of today's explosion.