Tubridy says he dealt 'appropriately' with RTÉ requests he take pay cut


LATE LATE Showpresenter Ryan Tubridy has said he dealt “appropriately” with requests for a pay cut because of the financial situation at RTÉ.

Tubridy was one of a number of RTÉ’s top-paid presenters who was initially reluctant to take a voluntary 10 per cent pay cut when requested by RTÉ management.

He cited legal reasons for his refusal to do so, but instead, he offered to make a substantial donation to charity. In March he said his legal situation had been resolved and he took the cut.

On RTÉ’s News at One programme, yesterday, Tubridy said he made that donation, took the 10 per cent cut and has since taken another one. “That was dealt with appropriately,” he said.

Tubridy was RTÉ’s fourth best-paid presenter in 2008, the last year for which figures are available. He earned €533,333 in that year, a nearly 50 per cent increase on his 2007 earnings of €366,867.

He said people were “100 per cent entitled” to look at the salaries of RTÉ’s top-paid presenters given the state of the economy and the levels of unemployment at the moment.

“One of the saddest things I saw this year was that moment in Waterford Crystal when there was a scuffle and somebody hit the glass door and fell down and, for some reason, that encapsulated where this country was going economically,” he said.

“I see people walking around this town, perfectly well kitted out. They have no work, they have nowhere to go. People are angry and upset. I totally understand that.”

When asked if he was paid too much, Tubridy responded: “I am paid what is negotiated for me. In that case, they deem it fit to pay me that and that is what happens.”