The other meat companies: What they said


Kepak Watergrasshill, Cork

Pig DNA detected in four beef burger brands; no horse DNA

Kepak “has strict controls in place to minimise the risk of unintended cross-species contamination ,although it is scientifically possible that trace levels of DNA could be present at work areas despite the physical segregation of meat products.

“We understand the level of porcine DNA present in the FSAI samples was as low as to be unquantifiable and we are engaged with a specialist DNA testing company and FSAI to better understand the issue .”

ABP Ireland, Cahir

Pig DNA found in two beef burger brands; no horse DNA

The company said the traces of pig meat found were probably very small and unavoidable since beef and pork are processed on the same premises .

FXB Butchers

Pig DNA detected in one product; no horse DNA

Paddy Buckley of FX Buckley Butchers on Moore Street, Dublin, said it was possible there were minuscule traces of pork meat in their burgers since the meat is stored on the same premises. “Nobody is pulling a quick one on this. There is no money to be made in this and it wouldn’t be harmful in any way,” he said.

Liffey Meats, Ballyjamesduff, Co Cavan

Pig DNA in five brands; also traces of horse DNA in three brands

The firm was “purely a beef processor and has absolute traceability on all of the beef used. The source of the contamination is imported ingredients and these will be replaced from other sources before production is resumed and customers are supplied”.

Tender Meats Ltd, Clondalkin, Dublin (Pig DNA in one product) would not comment , while Hilton Foods (Irl), Drogheda, Co Louth (Pig DNA in one product) did not return a call on the matter