Teenagers killed in London train collision


Two 16-year-old boys have been killed after being hit by a train as they used a foot crossing in north London.

The 80mph Stansted Express struck the pair at the Pegamoid Road crossing, around half a mile from Angel Station.

Three other youths who were also on the track just before the collision, fled the scene before emergency services arrived.

Police said the driver of the Liverpool Street to Stansted Airport train reported seeing five youths on the tracks at around 9.10pm on Friday.

Despite sounding the horn and immediately braking, the train struck two of the youths, killing them instantly.

British Transport Police said the crossing, which is operated by users pushing open a spring loaded gate, had no lights or audible warnings.

It was in "the middle of a very long length of track" and had "good views of either side of the track", officers said.

The pair have not yet been formally identified.

Police urged the three youths seen on the track to come forward as witnesses.