Teenager detained after 50th criminal conviction


A teenager with 49 criminal convictions has been given a five-month term in detention for vandalising a car after he was released to appeal an earlier custodial sentence.

The 17-year-old repeat offender pleaded guilty at the Children’s Court to causing criminal damage, on December 6th last, at the Royal Canal Bank, in north Dublin.

Garda Elaine O’Malley told the court the defendant “threw a brick at the window of the car” while his accomplice started jumping on the vehicle, resulting in €800 of damages.

The boy already had 49 criminal convictions including criminal damage and theft. He had been given a six-year road ban and an eight-month custodial sentence on November 4th last. He had been out on bail appealing that sentence when he vandalised the car. Earlier the court had asked for a report on his suitability to do community service in lieu of a custodial sentence.