Teenager admits using baby to beg


A teenager, who was compared by a judge to Oliver Twist used by a Fagin-like family, has admitted bringing her baby onto the streets begging.

Judge John O’Connor had said at the Dublin Children’s Court that a welfare report on the 17- year-old revealed that she had been used by her extended family to beg and steal. He said if it continued, he would call on gardaí to investigate the family, who are originally from Romania.

The teenager pleaded guilty yesterday to charges under section 247 of the Children Act of having the child with her in public places to induce people to give her money. She made no reply when charged with the begging offences, on July 27th, December 13th and December 20th in Dublin city centre.

The court has heard that her partner is in jail.

Judge O’Connor remanded her on continuing bail to appear again in four weeks, when an updated probation report will be available.

The court was told that she lived with extended family members who had been regularly changing addresses.

The teenager also admitted stealing €21 worth of groceries from a supermarket in north Dublin last November.