18, Ubisoft, Wii U ****

Nintendo may be known as a family firm, but ZombiU is every bit an adult game. You take on the role of one of a small band of survivors of an apocalypse that has struck London. Your goal is to survive, which, as you might guess, is difficult. The twist is that in normal mode, every time you die you respawn as a new survivor and your previous incarnation joins the hordes of the infected. To get the items that you collected previously, you have to find your infected character and kill them. The use of the touchscreen Gamepad controller can be a bit confusing at first – you switch between the main screen and the smaller controller – but it soon becomes second nature, and you can use it to view extra content, such as maps. ZombiU stretches your last nerve to breaking point – not always for the right reasons. Combat can be clunky, and sometimes you’re better off making a run for it rather than trying to fight off a zombie . But it’s a good start for the console.