Toy Stunt Bike

Game Title: Toy Stunt Bike

Publisher: Nintendo

Reviewed On: Nintendo 3DS

Available on: Nintendo 3DS

Fri, Jul 18, 2014, 00:00


As the name suggests, take on the role of a mini-stuntman on a toy bike and navigate your way through a series of obstacle courses, jumping, dodging obstacles and generally having a load of fun. Toy Stunt Bike takes you through a variety of domestic locations, from the bedroom and the kitchen to the bathroom and the garden. Each location has its difficulties to navigate, from shovels and toilet bowls to desks and kitchen items. It’s a bit like Micromachines, except on two wheels instead of four. Controls have been kept simple, with single buttons for accelerating and reversing/braking. As you make your way around each course you can pick up trophies for your time, finding flags and racking up points through pulling tricks and stunts. It’s not as challenging as you’d like, though, and feels a bit too easy. The bike doesn’t handle all that well either, which can give rise to some strange moments. But overall, Toy Stunt Bike is an enjoyable ride.