Table Top Racing

A very traditional game, but a fun and pleasant one

Game Title: Table Top Racing

Publisher: Playrise Digital

Reviewed On:

Available on: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Fri, Feb 8, 2013, 00:00


Table Top Racing might look like a conventional racer . . . because it is. But this cute little number comes from some of the developers of wipEout, a titan of the racing genre.

The best way to describe Table Top Racing is as a cocktail comprised of 50 per cent Mario Kart and 50 per cent Micro Machines.

Like the former, it’s a cartoonish game in which you can gather power-ups to enhance your driving and hinder your opponents. It echoes Micro Machines in its look and its setting – zooming around table tops, as if they’re toy cars come to life.

New developers Playrise Digital have made good use of the mobile game format, with the possibility of four-player races on Game Centre or six players over wifi.

The cars handle well and the scenery is cute. As you’ve probably gathered, it’s a very traditional game, but a fun and pleasant one.