Resident Evil 6


18 cert, Capcom, Xbox 360 (also PS3) ***

Both the Resident Evil franchise and its famous zombies have proved amazingly resilient, surviving gunshots, knives, and a number of baffling design decisions. The latest survival horror has much to offer, despite its drawbacks. In this eventful, violent chapter, you initially have a choice between three interlocking narratives (and another you unlock later), and you have a number of playable characters to choose from.

Four separate campaigns is a great idea. It adds story depth via different perspectives, but in this case repetition sometimes creeps in as you retread old ground. The game is a mix of third person gunplay, quick-time events and exploration. The two-player co-op is effective, and on single-player outings your companions have decent AI. It’s slick and atmospheric (easily the best-looking Resident Evil yet) but the story is creaky at this stage, and some controls are awkward and unintuitive.

Yes, it’s imperfect, but there’s still fun to be had, with plenty of content, some nasty surprises and fine multiplayer action.