Real Racing 3


EA, iOS (also Android)

There was a time when mobile games were limited to the likes of Snake and other equally unspectacular but addictive titles. Not any more. These days mobile offerings can almost keep pace with their console counterparts, and Real Racing 3 is certainly one of these. The racer is beautifully rendered, with detailed cars and tracks (let’s gloss over the occasional spectators) to marvel at. Controls are simple: turn the handset for left and right, tap on the screen to brake. The acceleration is automatic. And like all good racing games, it gives you the option of a few different views, whether you’d like to see it from the driver’s point of view or from a more remote vantage point. Although the game is free, it’s littered with in-app purchases. That in itself isn’t necessarily a bad thing, and it’s possible to avoid spending cash, but it can get frustrating when your only vehicle is in for repairs and you’re itching to spend out to speed up the process.