Random Heroes 2

Game Title: Random Heroes 2

Publisher: Wobbly Square

Reviewed On: iPad

Available on: iPad,iPod touch,iPhone

Fri, May 10, 2013, 01:00


What is this, 1980s nostalgia week? Your mobile device has a horsepower that tramples on that of your old Commodore 64, but app games still frequently hark back to 8-bit computers in their look and gameplay. Maybe it’s nostalgia, maybe it’s because the simple control systems work well with small screens. Maybe it’s both. Random Heroes 2 is a conventional but enjoyable side-scrolling platform shooter. The object is to travel across an alien world shooting various green-hued adversaries, collecting power-ups and coins as you go. The graphics are blocky and cute; the difficulty level is just right; controls are simple and the gameplay is pleasingly straightforward, especially since each level is short enough to play on a commute or in a queue. You need to do one or two micro- transactions to make the game more playable – pony up for a new weapon or you’ll be endlessly firing your puny handgun at your enemies. But considering Random Heroes 2 is roughly the price of a can of Coke, that doesn’t feel too obnoxious.