Game Title: Quip

Publisher: Quip

Reviewed On: iPad

Available on: Android,iPad,iPhone,iPod touch,PC,Mac

Fri, Sep 6, 2013, 00:00


Word processing gets social with Quip. Built with mobile devices in mind, the app is a cross between a word processor and a messaging system, combining document editing facilities with chat. It’s no surprise when you realise who’s behind it: ex-Facebook chief technology officer Bret Taylor and Google’s Kevin Gibbs. As well as the traditional document types, you can create interactive to-do lists that you can check off and share with a third party. There’s the option to add multiple contacts to items in a certain folder, making it easier for you to collaborate with people. As you make a change to the document, the other users are notified via push notifications. The chat function is important for this, allowing you to send instant messages to participants in a shared document in real time. The messages are laid out in a conversation thread, so you can see how things are progressing. Edits can be made offline and synched with the changes once an internet connection is available. It’s perfectly suited to smaller screens, so there is no messing about with zooming in and out to read text. It even supports multiple languages. A more modern documents app. quip.com