Pixeljunk 4am


3 cert, Santa Monica Studios, PS3 (Move controls)*

The word “unplayable” is bandied around a lot. In most cases it can’t be used literally, but Pixeljunk 4AM can lay legitimate claim to the word. Ostensibly it gives you the tools to become the next David Guetta. Manipulate tunes with the Move controller (by Japanese artist Baiyon), mix the music, add rhythm and even alter the visuals. Then share your masterpiece online. In reality, it’s a Sisyphean ordeal. Catching a loop from the side of the screen with your Move controller is like trying

to nab a particularly elusive butterfly. You then must press one of the colour buttons to assign a music loop, but pressing it too frequently mutes the music! What’s

more, the animated directions bear little resemblance to the instructional text. Even if this wasn’t an infuriating nightmare, how would it be easier and less demanding than playing with software such as Pro Tools or GarageBand? The sitcom How I Met Your Mother dedicated an entire episode to the theory that nothing good happens after 2am. Pixeljunk 4AM strengthens the case.