One Tap Hero


4 cert, Chillingo, iPad (also iPhone, iPod Touch) ****

The freemium model is ubiquitous these days, and usually it’s the customer that benefits. Take One Tap Hero. The app game has been around for a while, but is finally available (or at least the first 16 levels of it) for no cost. The developers correctly believe that the game is so addictive and endearing that you’ll happily fork out for the longer version. It follows a tiny little creature (like a white cloud with eyes and limbs) who must rescue his sweetheart. What this amounts to is a platform game with one control button. He walks automatically, and depending on where he is, your button makes him change direction, jump or bounce from walls. It’s generally well-constructed, so you don’t tend to miss additional controls. Yes, sometimes he bounces around the screen and barely seems to need your help, but for the most part it’s a gently addictive and adorable game.