Middle Manager Of Justice


9 cert, Double Fine Productions, iPad (also iPhone) ****

Who looks after the financing of masked vigilantes? Who does all the post-adventure paperwork? Do superheroes get promoted? Here, finally, is a game that mixes the thrill of superhero adventures with a tribute to middle-management. Middle Manager of Justice is a witty, addictive and cute app game, mixing admin simulation with affectionate, post-modern humour (gently mocking both comic and office culture). Playing a middle manager for Justice Corp, your job is to spruce up the headquarters, delegate and hire superheroes and oversee their work. Progress can be seen on a map that displays crime levels, in the superhero’s ability stats, or in the Justice Corps coffers. Stronger superheroes make for more efficient crime-fighting (as seen in the animated set pieces), and bad management can leave the heroes short-changed. It’s got a freemium model, so it’s free to download and play, but micro-transactions will make everything go a little faster.