Little Big Planet Karting


7 cert, Sony, PS3 ***

Little Big Planet Karting might not be in the same league as other LBP games; but it’s still rich, amusing and vibrant. Comparisons with previous LBPs and Modnation Racers are inevitable, but this one is a cute, playable racing game in its own right. It borrows a little from the Mario Kart formula, allowing racers to fire weapons, find secret paths and bounce around various fantastical tracks. The user-generated content remains: players are given the tools to create their own game and can tailor tracks, vehicles and racers.

The standard of fan-made levels is astounding (as ever), and there’s more content than you could ever need. Levels vary from traditional races to sprints against the clock to battle royales (more combat than race-oriented) and many more. And Stephen Fry provides wry and warm voiceover once again with comments such as: “You hugged those turns like they were favourite teddies!”