Letters for Santa


4 cert, Drawinginc Limited, iPad (also Android) ****

With Christmas only around the corner, there are plenty of apps out there full of the Christmas spirit. Letters For Santais just one of them. The app is an interactive storybook based around the run-up to Christmas and the preparation at Santa’s workshop. Reuben the reindeer – Rudolph’s nephew – has come up with an invention that helps the elves work more efficiently by letting children send their letters directly to Santa. Designed by Dublin-based Drawinginc, the app uses sound, animation and touch points throughout the story. There are hidden things to be revealed simply by turning the screen to portrait, or by scrolling the page. You can choose to read the story yourself onscreen, or have the iPad play audio to you. There’s a certain level of personalisation in the app too, so your child will feel as if they’re part of the story. At the beginning, you enter the child’s name, and it appears on a tag at the end of the story, attached to Santa’s sleigh. You can also have your child write their own letter to Santa on the app, and pass a copy on to your own inbox. It’s a feel-good app in the spirit of the season.