Lego Star Wars: The Chronicles of Yoda

Game Title: Lego Star Wars: The Yoda Chronicles

Publisher: Lego Systems

Reviewed On: iPhone

Available on: iPhone,iPod touch

Fri, May 17, 2013, 01:00


Are these the droids you’re looking for? Possibly. The latest Lego titles to hit the mobile platform is this free strategy- based game that sees you follow one of two paths: that of the Jedi knights or the Dark Side. Target your enemies and destroy them as quickly as possible without sacrificing yourself. So far, it’s familiar territory. You can collect studs by smashing blocks and your enemies, which in turn can be used to create everything from troopers to starships as you battle to complete the missions. Beating the missions isn’t as easy as it looks. Upgrading your vehicles can mean better firepower but slower moving machines, and there are more than a few times when speed is a bonus. Controls are limited but make the game open to more age groups, including the younger audience, which is probably Lego’s main target. While the worlds themselves aren’t as impressive as they could be – the angle of play means that is always going to be limited – the cut scenes are worth watching.