Just Dance 4


3 cert, Ubisoft, Xbox (also PS3, Wii) ****

You will of course know what you’re getting with Just Dance. An on-screen animation shows you the moves while you attempt to replicate them, with varying degrees of success, humiliation and hilarity. Songs are taken from a wide cross- section of styles and eras; the dance routines vary from the barely breaking-a-sweat to fast, furious and just-able-to-keep- up. Just Dance 4 is no exception to this formula.

Along with cheesy tracks from the 1980s (Rick Astley anyone?) and boyband newbies One Direction, you now get a new battle mode that sees the choreography and music change according to who is winning and losing, an expanded “Just Sweat” mode for those who want to feel like they’re being active, and alternative choreographies that you can unlock.

It’s still in the same colourful package, and the likelihood of improving your dance skills significantly is still slim. But it’s all good clean fun. Playing on Kinect frees your hands up, but JD4 might be best played on the as-yet-unreleased Wii U, where the touchscreen controller can be used by one player to switch dance routines and control choreography in real time.