Game & Wario

Game Title: Game & Wario

Publisher: Nintendo

Reviewed On: Wii U

Available on: Wii U

Fri, Jun 21, 2013, 00:00


The Wii U, like its predecessor, is always good for a bit of casual entertainment. Be it dance, cart racing or sports, you can always count on the console to provide a fun multiplayer title or two. The Mario Bros franchise is getting in on the act with Game & Wario, a collection of mini games that can be played either alone or with friends. There are 16 games in total, most of them single player titles that you can pick up and play without any real investment of your time. Gamer is a mini game within a mini game, as you take control of 9-Volt playing videogames in bed as he tries not to get caught by his mother. Some of the others showcase the abilities of the GamePad: Shutter is a photography game, Patchwork requires you to use the touchscreen to put together puzzles, and Ski allows you to control a character by tilting the GamePad. Multiplayer Sketch is similar to Pictionary, using the GamePad to bring your “artistic talent” to the screen, while Fruit requires you to use all your stealthy skills to avoid being detected as a fruit-stealing thief. It’s more fun with friends, but Game & Wario will easily kill a few hours regardless.