Fifa Street


3 cert, EA, PS3 (also Xbox) ****

FIFA Street has always been the more arcade-style football game and seems a bit more fun and a little less serious than its EA counterpart. A little over the top, if you like. The 2012 version has been tweaked, giving Fifa Street some of the power of the Fifa franchise – it uses the Fifa game engine and there are some well-known faces in the mix. But although it looks more realistic than its predecessors, it manages to retain the light-hearted, fun side of the game. While scoring goals is still important, there’s as much emphasis on the tricks you can pull off. If you rack up a couple of points through flicks and fancy footwork, and subsequently score, you get the points added on to your goal tally. Controls have been tweaked too, so it’s a bit easier to keep control of the ball. There are plenty of game types to choose from, with five- and six-a-side matches, Futsal tournaments, Panna games and Last Man Standing all on offer. Environments vary from car parks to rooftops, and you can build up your team in World Tour mode. Fifa Street won’t tackle Fifa 12 for football sim of the year, but it does offer another entertaining option for football fans.