Family Guy Online


Cert tbc, 20th Century Fox, PC/Mac (web-based)

Quahog is online, in a new web- based multiplayer game featuring the Family Guy cast.

It allows you to explore a 3D Quahog, visiting key locations from the animated series and carrying out various tasks. It’s interspersed with content taken from the show (video clips pop up every now and again) and some of the quests are taken straight from the storylines. For example, one of your first jobs is to go and beat up bully Kyle, who stole Chris’s paper route.

The classes for this game are allocated according to the Family Guy character you choose at the beginning; you can choose the Lois class, but ultimately you customise your character and give it a unique name. Controls are simple to manage: arrow keys to move around, click-on items and people to interact. You can see other players wandering around the Family Guy universe. You may need them at some point to complete quests, so you might want to integrate yourself into the community a little.

Officially the game is still in open beta, so it can be a bit difficult to access at certain times, and be prepared for Ollie the weatherman to show up when there’s a glitch. On the whole, though, it’s pretty freakin’ sweet.