F1 2012


3 cert, Codemasters, PS3 (also Xbox, PC) ***

There’s something about F1 racing that is difficult to recreate in a videogame. Maybe it’s the atmosphere: the noise, the crowd, the tension in the air before a race. But since taking over the F1 franchise in 2010, Codemasters has put in a fine effort, and F1 2012 is its best yet. The latest instalment improves things such as car handing and the weather systems, tweaking some areas. After some basic training – the Young Driver event – you’re ready to hit the track. And here’s where F1 still impresses: the basic track environments remain superbly detailed, and are recreated with some great attention to detail.

Although the improved car handing brings more difficulties in itself, the game still caters for beginners, with everything from traction control to racing lines to keep you on the right path. If you don’t want to get into a career in the game – which you can take on in 10-race seasons – you can choose to build up your skills on a few quick races instead. It does feel that most of these changes are minor, but it doesn’t feel like it really needed a drastic change. If you are looking for a decent racing simulator, F1 2012 certainly delivers.