Game Title: Epic

Publisher: Gameloft

Reviewed On: Android

Available on: Android

Fri, May 31, 2013, 00:00


Where there’s a film, there’s a mobile game tie-in . Epic allows you to help defend the Jinn kingdom, growing new plants and building a forest all of your own. It’s similar to previous film tie-ins such as The Croods; you level up, gain new abilities and unlock new items. As usual, there’s a bit of waiting around – for plants to grow or buildings to complete. One difference between Epic and its predecessors is a combat element. Soldiers have to fight the Boggan to stop the blight spreading and defend the forest. So you have to take on the enemy fighters, mainly by pitching your own troops with specific strengths against them. A minor down point is that Epic requires a constant internet connection, so there’s no chance of using this game as a means of killing travel boredom. Plus, although the main app is free, in-app purchases are a feature. But the graphics are colourful and the gameplay is straightforward but interesting; a good combo.