Early Bird!


9+ cert, Booyah Inc, iOS ****

The early bird catches the worm, though in this case the early bird also has to complete some challenges and land on the appropriate target to catch the worm, making it a slightly more difficult task than you’d think. At the heart of it, Early Bird is a simple touch-enabled game. You swipe to make the bird move, collecting bees on your way and hopefully landing on the target. The closer you get to the centre, the more points you score. Plus those bees help bump up your score. To make things a little more difficult, you have a limited number of swipes per level – when you run out before completing the level you’re faced with a sobbing cartoon bird. If you get the angle wrong, you won’t clear the obstacles properly, leaving you too far away from the target to hope that a few bird-hops will get you there. There’s more than 160 levels in this colourful cartoon style game - more than enough to keep you entertained for short bursts.