Dragon's Lair


7 cert, Microsoft Xbox **

I'm all for bringing classic games on to new platforms. Hell, even give them a bit of a brush up if you feel like it. But sometimes it just doesn’t work, and you’re better off leaving well enough alone.

Unfortunately, Dragon’s Lair is one of them. The latest platform on which it appears is the Xbox, which means that it can bring Kinect support to the game. In theory, this means you can play out Dirk the Daring’s adventures as he tries to save Princess Daphne from the dragon. In practice, it doesn’t. Because it doesn’t register movements as well as it should, the game is less like the immersive adventure it promises and more of a “head/wall/bang” kind of experience.

The option to stick with the regular controller instead is one slightly saving grace.

As a near-30-year-old arcade game, Dragon’s Lair isn’t bad. But the Kinect controls dont add anything to it, and it has already been ported to numerous platforms, so there’s not much to make it worth investing in this time out.