Dance Central 3


7 cert, Microsoft, Xbox ***

The biggest competitor to Ubisoft’s Just Dance franchise, Dance Central has had an update just in time for Christmas. Not only does it offer new team battle modes – you can go head to head in a series of mini- games and dance-offs in teams of four – but it also has a story mode. Yes, a story mode. Instead of just aimlessly wandering through the various songs, honing your skills for the family party, now you have a purpose.

In fact, Dance Central 3 doesn’t really need a plot, let alone this rather weak one, but we’re stuck with it. You are a member of Dance Central Intelligence, seeking to foil a plot to destroy Dance Central. The way to do it? Travel through time learning dance moves. But at the end of the day, the basic building blocks of Dance Central remain. The better you copy the onscreen moves, the more points you earn. The higher the level , the more complicated the moves. If nothing else, it will give you inspiration for your office Christmas party.