Game Title: Bombcats

Publisher: Chillingo

Reviewed On: iPad

Available on: iPad,iPhone,iPod touch

Fri, Jun 28, 2013, 01:00


Bombcats is very much a product of its time as it combines this generation’s undying obsession for felines and a game mechanic very similar to Angry Birds . It’s either signifies the apex or nadir of human achievement, depending on who you talk to. The object of the app game is to fling round, adorable cats towards imprisoned kittens. The heroic kitties are magical (of course) and can explode and regenerate at will. Fling your cat next to a kitten’s cage and detonate at the optimal moment. It might sound like animal cruelty, but it’s all very cute and innocent. Indeed, Bombcats is a sugary confection of bright colours, cartoonish meows and bubbly pop music. Like the feathery heroes of Angry Birds , these cats often have special abilities, such as Clawdia, who can grip onto walls. Bombcats also gives you the option to skip difficult levels, a privilege that recharges every two hours. Addictive and adorable; it’s catnip for any app gamer.