Tarawatch seeks parliamentary group


Campaign group Tarawatch has written to members of the Oireachtas inviting them to establish a parliamentary group with the intention of lobbying Government on issues relating to the Hill of Tara.

Several opposition and independent TDs and Senators, including newly-elected Dublin Central TD Maureen O’Sullivan and Senator David Norris were presented with a list of questions for the Government by members of Tarawatch at Dáil Éireann yesterday.

Tarawatch spokesman Vincent Salafia subsequently wrote to the politicians who attended asking them to establish a parliamentary group.

He said the group would not only seek to identify a solution to protect the national monument but would also attempt to find a solution that would meet the needs of sustainable development and transport in Co Meath.

“We feel that it is the responsibility of the elected representatives both at European and national level to work in a co-operative manner on this,” Mr Salafia said today.

“It would be a platform for all the groups involved to present their opinions and have their say in what the final outcome is.”

“Tara belongs to everybody in Ireland. The majority of Irish people want to have Tara protected.”

“Its not that it’s against the M3 per se- most of the people who want to protect Tara are quite happy for the M3 to proceed – they just don’t want it to go where it is.”

The campaign said it had already received confirmation from one TD with regards to involvement in the parliamentary group.