Suicide bomber kills two in Kabul


A suicide bomber hit a German embassy vehicle in the Afghan capital Sunday, killing two local civilians, police said.

The escalation of violence this year in Afghanistan, the bloodiest period since Taliban's ouster in 2001, has raised doubts about the prospects for stability, despite increasing numbers of foreign troops in the country.

The bomber was on foot when he attacked the embassy vehicle opposite a high school on the main road leading to the parliament building in the southwestern part of the city, said Ali Shah Paktiawal, a senior Kabul police official.

"It was a suicide attack on the German embassy car and two people have been martyred and three wounded," he told reporters near the scene.

The only occupant in the vehicle, its driver, escaped unhurt, another police officer said.

The embassy had no immediate comment.

Police had cordoned off the site and the front of the four-wheel drive embassy vehicle was partially damaged, a witness said.

The force of the blast broke windows in several buildings nearby, residents said.

Violence has jumped sharply up this year in Afghanistan where the Taliban, ousted in a US-led invasion, have regrouped since 2005.