State funeral of murdered garda held in Co Louth


The priest concelebrating the funeral Mass of murdered detective Adrian Donohoe has called for fresh thinking on policing resources so that people in rural communities do not sleep in their beds with fear and evil does not triumph over virtue.

In other remarks from the altar of St Joseph’s Redemptorist Church in Dundalk and addressed to those shielding or withholding information about the killers, Fr Michael Cusack said they had it in their power to give closure to the dead man’s widow Caroline, son Niall (6) and daughter Amy (7).

“If you have a semblance of goodness in you, for God’s sake turn these people in. If not, you are allowing Satan rule the lives of more people.”

Fr Cusack told some 4,000 mourners, 2,500 of them uniformed gardaí who stood for several hours in the street outside, that Det Garda Donohoe was a loving family man who gave himself to his wife and two young children, his job, the GAA and the community he lived in.

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