SF man's house petrol bombed


The home of Sinn Fein Assembly Member Mitchell McLaughlin has been attacked with petrol bombs in Derry.

This is the third time his property has been targeted by suspected dissident republicans.

Mr McLaughlin said there could have been fatal consequences and added the cowardly assailants would not intimidate him or his family. “This is attempted murder and there is no other way to describe it,” he said.

He added: “To those individuals who are responsible I would say, ‘if you have some difference with me have the courage to confront me face-to-face. Your actions are those of the most cowardly and will not intimidate me or deflect me from the course I am on’.”

Dissident republicans have stepped up their campaign of violence. Two soldiers and a policeman have been shot dead this year.

Mr McLaughlin added: “To those groups ultimately responsible for this type of attack through their rhetoric and public threat I call on them to come forward and explain how these types of actions will progress the cause of Irish freedom one iota.

“They had the opportunity to test their position at the forthcoming European elections but obviously realise that they would have been totally rejected by the Irish people and did not have the courage to put forward a candidate.”

Two devices caused scorch damage to the wall of the property in the Blucher Street area of the Bogside shortly after 1am. Mr McLaughlin praised neighbours for their vigilance and called on those who disagreed with his policies to speak up.