Seven Days


A glance at the week that was

If I had to choose between being author of Ulysses and Lord Mayor of Dublin I'd always choose Lord Mayor of Dublin – Gerry Breen, new Lord Mayor of Dublin

2The number of Irish writers on the Booker Longlist: Paul Murray and Emma Donoghue

£10.7 billionThe personal fortune left by Theo Albrecht, co-founder of Aldi, who died this week

€250 millionThe amount in loans owned by Arnotts, which was taken over by Anglo Irish Bank and Ulster Bank on Tuesday

Ivy's last tweet

THE WORLD’S oldest tweeter, Ivy Bean, died aged 104 this week. She started tweeting from Hillside nursing home, Bradford, two years ago, and had over 57,000 followers. Fans included Stephen Fry, Sarah Brown and Peter Andre.

Bean switched to Twitter from Facebook when she exceeded her 5,000-friend quota. She tweeted about her meals, her fellow residents and the daily happenings at the home. “It’s been really busy in Hillside this week, the lounges have been decorated and we have got new curtains, it looks lovely,” was a recent tweet. Her last tweet was, “Going to have my lunch now will be back later.”

Colorado bear crashes car

A BEAR in Colorado managed to open and climb into an unlocked Toyota Corolla, parked in the driveway of the Story family, apparently attracted by a peanut butter sandwich inside.

He knocked the gearstick into neutral and sent the car – with himself inside – careering down the Story driveway, and crashing into a hedge.

The Storys are now looking for a new car.

We now know

That Dublin has been designated a Unesco City of Literature.

More migrants are currently leaving Ireland than from any other EU State.

Bullfighting will be banned in Catalonia from January 2012.