RTÉ launches online 'catch-up' service


RTÉ HAS launched an “online catch-up” service where programmes from the broadcaster can be viewed for up to 21 days after they have aired on television.

Similar to the BBC’s iPlayer application, the RTÉ player provides access to more than 200 hours of programming that has previously been aired. Programmes are available for between seven and 21 days after they are first broadcast.

Due to copyright issues, the service is currently only available when accessing the internet from Ireland. Making the service available overseas is part of the phased development of the service.

The bulk of the programmes are RTÉ-produced, but a number of international shows are available.

RTÉ is selling 15-second advertising spots before the videos start and during the programme, rather than rebroadcasting the adverts that ran on television. A broadband connection of at least 1MB/sec and a browser with Adobe Flash are required to use the service, which is free and available at www.rte.ie/player.