Road-death rate second-highest


With the exception of Greece, the Republic has the most road deaths in Europe per 10,000 vehicles, according to a survey by a British insurance company.

The statistics show that Greece has the worst fatality record, with 10 deaths per 10,000 vehicles. That country also has one of the worst injury records, with 110 injuries per 10,000 vehicles.

The Republic has five deaths per 10,000 vehicles, or 431 deaths.

But five countries have higher injuries rates than Ireland, which has 72 per 10,000 vehicles.

The United Kingdom has 95 injuries per 10,000 vehicles, Finland has 37, Sweden 43 and France 49. The Netherlands, with 20 injuries, has the lowest rate per 10,000 vehicles.

While Norway has the lowest number of deaths, with 255 or two fatalities per 10,000 vehicles, the UK has just one death per 10,000 vehicles, the lowest fatality rate.

The most annual deaths in any one country were in Germany where there were 8,727 fatalities, or three deaths per 10,000 vehicles.