Results from the Ploughing Championships


Yesterday's results from the ploughing championships in Co Wexford.

First place winners listed in each category.

3 Furrow Conventional Match Class - Pat Furlong, Co Wexford

Intermediate Reversible Class - Brian Ireland, Co Kilkenny

Standard 3 Furrow Conventional Class - Michael Foran, Co Kilkenny

Under-21 Conventional Class Junior Grade - Mikey O'Halloran, Co Kerry

Under-21 Conventional Class Senior Grade - Sean Tracey, Co Carlow

Under-28 Conventional Class Senior Grade - Kieran Coakley, Co Cork West

Under-28 Conventional Class Junior Grade - Sean Monaghan, Co Longford

Under-28 Reversible Class - Martin Kehoe (Jr), Co Wexford

Under-40 Horse Class - David King, Co Louth

Vintage 2 Furrow Trailer Class - Aeneas Horan, Co Kerry