‘We had spies there . . . I envy them.’ How the political world saw Sinn Féin’s meetings

Public meetings elicited curiosity, nerves and jealousy among SF opponents

February 25th, 2020: Sinn Féin held a public meeting at Liberty Hall, Dublin, as part of a series of public events to rally support for the party’s efforts to get into government. Video: Bryan O’Brien

The size of the crowd at the first post-election Sinn Féin public meeting was indeed impressive, acknowledged a senior Fianna Fáiler. “We had spies there,” the Fianna Fáiler added, deadly serious, of the event last Monday evening in the Rochestown Park Hotel, Cork.

It is no surprise that Fianna Fáil wanted to see for itself what type of event Mary Lou McDonald had planned for the heart of Cork South Central, Micheál Martin’s constituency.

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